Car Crusher Hinge

Post date: Dec 11, 2011 10:44:39 PM

Here is a question: if you wear out a car crushing machine, where do you go to get it fixed? Diamond State Machining of course.  a few years ago we had the privilege of building a new hinge for a car crushing machine which had worn out severely.  Fast forward to 2011, and now we have had the opportunity of building the hinge for the remaining side!  Below are the images for the newly built car crusher hinge.  What is obvious from the photographs is the amount of precision machining needed to build this hinge.  The hinge pin below measures 4" in diameter and just over 20' long! We made bronze bushings that were pressed fit into the hinge sleeve.  To do this we heated up the hinge while simultaneously cooling down the bushing which we machined oversize for this purpose.  Once at temperature, the two components were quickly introduced to each other and fit together. When the parts normalized to room temperature the fit is permanent!!!

These images are of the hinge sleeve and

bronze bushings.  Note the threaded holes,

these are for grease fitting which will be

threaded once welding to the

crusher is complete

These images are of the hinge pin. 

It was turned, Ground and Polished. 

It measures 4" in diameter and over 20' long.

Note the threaded holes above, these are

for grease fitting that will be installed

after welding is complete.

Note the straightness of the pin and the surface quality

Note the grease holes. there is a grease

reservoir between the steel sleeve and the

bronze bushing.  Once full a controlled amount equal to the amount added for maintenance is pushed between the bushing and the hinge pin.