Electronics Component Boxes

Post date: Dec 12, 2011 12:5:14 AM

This Project was CNC intense!  We set it up on one or our CNC mills, the HAAS.  In order to produce one finished part per cycle, we set up 5 stations.  With this set up a raw block of material is placed in the first station on the right. then with each cycle it is moved down to the next station.  Once 5 cycles are complete, one finished box emerges every cycle.  "Normally", one operation is run on all the blanks, then the next operation and so on.  The disadvantage of this, is that all operation have to be complete before you get a single finished item.  At Diamond State Machining, we understand that even though an order may be for 500 units, you may need 20 or 100 at a time to keep your business flowing.

These photos are of the finished electrical enclosures and for comparison the solid aluminum blocks from which they were machined

These photos are of the electrical boxes being machined in the HAAS mill, one of several in our facility. here you can see the five stations from which this part was machined.  operation starts on the right and ends on the left.